Antique Olive Bold Font Free Download

Antique Olive Bold Font Free Download, Antique Olive Bold is a distinguished font crafted by the renowned type designer Roger Excoffon under the moniker “Antique Olive.” Initially released by Linotype, this typeface quickly gained acclaim for its unique characteristics and excellent readability.

Designed with a blend of elegance and robustness, Antique Olive Bold stands out with its thick, distinctive strokes that make it ideal for headlines and titles. Its clear, sans-serif design exudes a timeless appeal, suitable for both digital and print media.

Font NameAntique Olive Bold Font
Designed byRoger Excoffon
Available FormatOTF (Open Type Font), TTF (True Type Font)

The font’s creator, Roger Excoffon, is celebrated for his innovative approach to typeface design, and Antique Olive Bold is a testament to his mastery. Originally introduced by Linotype, a leading foundry in the typography world, this font continues to be a favorite among designers seeking a balance of sophistication and clarity.

Whether used in editorial layouts, branding, or signage, Antique Olive Bold commands attention with its bold presence and refined aesthetic. Its versatility and enduring charm make it a staple in the typographic landscape, cherished by designers and typophiles alike.

Antique Olive Bold Font Free Download

Antique Olive Bold Font Free Download TTF

Looking for the Antique Olive Bold font free download in TTF format, or interested in the Antique Olive font family? Antique Olive, designed by Roger Excoffon and published by Linotype, is a classic sans-serif typeface renowned for its clarity and elegance. You can explore various versions such as Antique Olive Nord and Antique Olive Compact, both available for free download.

For Adobe users, Antique Olive fonts are also accessible, including the Antique Olive Std Nord Italic variant. Additionally, if you prefer web fonts, Antique Olive is not only a timeless choice but also available as part of the Google Fonts library, ensuring versatility across different design projects.

Bold Antique Olive Typeface

The Bold Antique Olive typeface offers 252 glyphs in various styles, ensuring versatility for a range of design applications. With 1000 units equating to 1 em, it provides precise typographic control. This font is suitable for websites, logo creation, and as a default text option.

Available for free download for personal use, it serves as a valuable addition to any designer’s toolkit. For inquiries or feedback regarding this font family, feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with us.

Bold Antique Olive Typeface

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