Kruda Font Free Download

Kruda Font Free Download, Kruda Font is a sleek and sophisticated sans-serif typeface that brings an air of elegance to any design project. Crafted by the renowned designer Fadhl Waliy ul Haqq, this font boasts five distinct weights and three versatile widths, providing ample flexibility for your creative endeavors. Published by Akufadhl, Kruda Font stands out with its unique vintage-inspired design, setting it apart in the realm of typography.

The allure of Kruda Font is rapidly gaining traction in the design marketplace, thanks to its timeless appeal and modern aesthetic. With a plethora of similar fonts available for pairing, one standout option is the Neue haas grotesk font, known for its seamless compatibility and complementary style when paired with Kruda Font.

Font NameKruda Font
Designed byFadhl Waliy ul Haqq
Available FormatOTF (Open Type Font), TTF (True Type Font)
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Kruda Font offers practicality through its text generator tool, empowering designers to effortlessly convert their designs with ease. Whether you’re crafting a logo, designing a website, or creating print materials, Kruda Font lends a touch of sophistication and refinement to your projects.

Experience the versatility and elegance of Kruda Font today, and elevate your designs to new heights of sophistication.

Kruda Font Free Download

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Enhanced Attributes of Kruda Typeface

Unveiling a host of additional and remarkable features, the Kruda Typeface boasts an array of stylistic alternates, handcrafted display glyphs, and a generous offering of one thousand units/em. Setting it apart, this font showcases thirty advanced styles, spanning from wide slanted to black slanted and narrow thin slanted weights, each imbued with bold glimpses that cater to the discerning eye of designers.

Enhanced Attributes of Kruda Typeface

Noteworthy is its support for international languages, ensuring versatility across diverse design projects. Whether for personal design endeavors or professional use, all handcrafted styles are readily available, enhancing the creative potential of this remarkable typeface.

Get Kruda Font for Free Download and Install Now

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Kruda Font Family (Includes 30 Typeface)

  • Kruda Black
  • Kruda Black Slanted
  • Kruda Bold
  • Kruda Bold Slanted
  • Kruda Light
  • Kruda Light Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow
  • Kruda Narrow Bold
  • Kruda Narrow Bold Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow Light
  • Kruda Narrow Light Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow Thin
  • Kruda Narrow Thin Slanted
  • Kruda Regular
  • Kruda Slanted
  • Kruda Thin
  • Kruda Thin Slanted
  • Kruda Wide
  • Kruda Wide Black
  • Kruda Wide Black Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Bold
  • Kruda Wide Bold Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Light
  • Kruda Wide Light Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Thin
  • Kruda Wide Thin Slanted

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  • Postmaster Font
  • Sharon Font
  • Snail Mail LDO Font

Utilizing Kruda Typeface Best Practices and Applications

Kruda Typeface offers a myriad of possibilities for various design projects. From social media imagery, murals, banners, and posters to logo designs, animated book covers, and brochure layouts, its adaptability knows no bounds. Ideal for stylish name designs, digital books, and emblems, this font family excels in high-quality paragraph layouts.

Utilizing Kruda Typeface Best Practices and Applications

With its bold and slanted appearance, it’s perfect for headlines and titles. Additionally, the Kruda Typeface adds flair to script designs, post descriptions, animations, and video projects. Pair it with similar fonts like Silka for a harmonious blend in your designs.

Licensing and Contributions Guidelines and Participation

The designers of the Kruda Typeface have established specific licensing restrictions. Before incorporating this typeface into commercial projects, it’s essential to adhere to the terms outlined in the license agreement. Once compliance is ensured, users have the freedom to utilize this font across various platforms and projects.

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