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Primetime Font Free Download, Introducing the captivating Primetime font family, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned graphic designer Mr. Guilhem GRECO in collaboration with Herofonts. Released in 2014, this ornamental sans serif typeface offers a distinctive touch to your designs, boasting three weights: regular, bold, and heavy, each complemented by its italic variant.

With 152 superb glyphs and 222 bold stylish characters, Primetime Font is a treasure trove for designers seeking to create animated logos and elevate brand promotions. Its OpenType and TrueType features facilitate seamless integration into various design projects, enabling the creation of captivating headlines and textured content.

While Primetime Font does not include numerals, it compensates with a rich array of characters, encompassing all case letters, Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, Spacing Modifier Letters, General Punctuation, Currency Symbols, and Letterlike Symbols.

Font NamePrimetime Font
Designed byGuilhem GRECO
Available FormatOTF (Open Type Font), TTF (True Type Font)
LicenseCommercial Font

One of its standout features is its efficient copy-paste functionality, simplifying the design process for users. Although Primetime Font is available for free download on our website, please note that it is intended for personal use only.

Unlock the potential of your designs with Primetime Font and experience the allure of its bold and italic weights, cherished by designers worldwide for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your projects with this exceptional typeface and watch as it breathes life into your creative vision.

Primetime Font Generator

Looking for a dynamic tool to elevate your designs? Look no further than the Primetime Font Generator, your go-to resource for unleashing creativity. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic Blackpink style or seeking to incorporate sleek numerals into your project, Primetime Font has you covered.

Primetime Font Generator

With its seamless copy-paste functionality, designing becomes a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly experiment with different styles and layouts. Plus, if you’re in search of alternatives, explore Prime Drink Font, a free download that offers a refreshing twist on traditional typography. Embrace the versatility of Primetime Font and unlock endless design possibilities today with a simple click and paste.

Why Choose Primetime Font?

Looking for the perfect typeface to enhance your designs? Look no further than Primetime Font. With its bold textures and stylish features, it’s ideal for logo designs, even making its mark on the iconic Blackpink logo with some customization. From posters to business cards, banners to website designs, Primetime Font elevates your creations with high-quality designs.

Whether you need a soft, modern typeface for headlines or titles, or something for quotes, product packaging, or magazine headings, Primetime Font has you covered. Plus, with its online font generator tool, creating stunning logos or posters is quick and easy, thanks to its variety of text effects and colors. Choose Primetime Font for your next design project and transform your simple text into captivating graphics.

Primetime Font View

Primetime Font View

Primetime Font Family (Includes Total 5 Typefaces)

  • Primetime Bold
  • Primetime Bold Italic
  • Primetime Heavy
  • Primetime Regular
  • Primetime Regular Italic

Prime Alternatives to Primetime Font

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  • Blue Highway Bold Font
  • BM Army Font
  • Old sans Black Font
  • Radio Stars Font
  • Raleway Heavy Font
  • Tapeno sans bold Font

Information Regarding Licensing

Primetime Font is available under a paid source license, requiring users to purchase a license before utilizing it in commercial or official projects. However, if you have an Adobe account, you gain access to its features and characters for free, allowing you to use it in commercial projects without additional cost.

Free Download of Primetime Font

Get Primetime Font for free download to use in all your personal and unofficial projects. Simply click the download button below to add the font to your operating system. Please note, if you plan to use this font for commercial purposes, you’ll need to purchase the paid version.

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